Our first photoshoot!

Well, maybe “photoshoot” is a bit of a strong word for it, but we were delighted to be invited to Portway Classics down in Somerset a few weeks back, and the opportunity to join the local Aston Martin Owner’s Club and mingle amidst their collection of DB5s, DB6s and the like was just too much to resist!
And it was gorgeous weather(!), so just perfect for finally getting round to doing a few “finished” shots! (well, finished apart from that final polishing that’s on my To-Do list…maybe we don’t need that “mirror polish”…)

Contemporary Airstream Conversion
L-Shaped rear seating converts to second double bed.  Rather wild photographic effect with the polished endcaps!


Airstream 56 Safari Re-Design
Looking forwards – bank of 3 windows at side were characteristic of 1950s Safaris.
Airstream Interiors
Fridge, wardrobe and bathroom on the left.
Airstream Lockers
Original overhead lockers retained – after they’d had new fronts and a bit of a polish!
Cooker for renovated Airstream
Bit of an “arty” shot – nice close-up of the cooker!
 Vintage Airstream door-within-a-door
Classic Vintage Airstream ‘door-within-a-door’ – suicide edition! Still awaiting ‘mirror polish’….soon…


Airstream Bathroom
Smallest room in the house, but perfectly formed đŸ˜‰


And here's a rather nice Aston!
And for no reason apart from the fact that it’s gorgeous, here’s an Aston Martin!