Airstream Safari Seating Now Done!

Only a very short post on the subject of the upholstery in the Safari, as apart from choosing the fabric and where the cushions needed to divide, we handed it over to someone else to do the work – and what stunning work it is too!

One of my bugbears about traditional “white” caravans has always been the patterned (often some combination of beige and brown!) upholstery material, so what a joy it was to choose the material ourselves – and in whatever colour we wanted!  Having said that though, there are some merits to using a patterned material since it doesn’t show marks as easily as plain – something we’d noticed on an Airstream we’d seen for sale, where the lovely plain orange canvas-like material that probably looked gorgeous when new, had rapidly started to look worse for wear due to quite a few stains.

So, armed with about 20 pattern books, we did try out a few different either textured or patterned materials, but while some of them weren’t too bad, none of them looked “quite right”.  Happily though, one of the sample books was from Sunbrella who essentially do fabrics designed for outdoors and marine use – so highly waterproof, and (in theory!), any spills will therefore wipe straight off!  AND, they do just the sort of canvas look we wanted AND in a mid-grey colour that really worked!

Our “work” was therefore done, so we handed matters over to Theresa at Busy Fingers Sewing – and voila, a couple of weeks later, we had the beautiful results! THANKS THERESA!!